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Here’s How To Erase A Harddrive

As a frequent computer user, learning how to erase a hard drive is an important task you should learn to do correctly on your own. There are quite a number of reasons why you may need to do this. Not all computer errors are fixable through the many solutions available to you, and as a last resort, you may be forced to reformat the current Operating System installed. This way, you can be able to start from scratch again, and you can fill your hard disk space with all the clean data you want.

Before going through the process of learning how to erase a hard drive, we highly recommend that you read our article on free computer clean up. A simple system cleaning may increase performance and eliminate the need for wiping your hard drive.

Now, before we begin learning how to erase a hard drive, you should first back up all the files you may need in the future. Take this as an opportunity to clear your old documents and software. Like millions of computer users around the globe, you may be a file hoarder. Previous downloads and installation files should be discarded since they can easily be retrieved from the internet. There are many ways that you can successfully back-up your files. You can either buy an extra hard disk and make it your storage scape, or opt to use an external flash drive instead. You can burn your files on discs, but if you want it to be more secured and you have a solid internet connection, you can also choose to use an online storage space.

How to Erase a Hard Drive

Now that you’ve created a back-up for your files, the next step in knowing how to erase a hard drive is to make a series of lists you would have to use as your reference guide. Experts tend to skip this part, but it is crucial if you are new to this kind of work. You should basically ask yourself first what Operating System you would use. If you are going to use a different OS, do you have all the necessary drivers to make your hardware work? Though you can always download these drivers online later, you may lack the oneshow to erase a hard drive that would activate your internet connection. Aside from these two, you should also check if you have the right software license code.

The steps in reformatting your hard drive usually varies on the kind of Operating System you are using. You don’t have to be well-experienced in computer repair to complete this step. The directions are straight-forward and you only have to answer a few simple questions to advance to the next level. In just a few hours or so, you would have a clean system ready to use.

Keep in mind that even if reformatting seems to be the most effective option to erase your hard drive, your data would still be in the physical disk despite the number of times it has been written over. If you really want to know how to erase a hard drive permanently, you have to use an application that would do this after you have reformatted your disks. These applications are easy to download and use. Just like the previous step, it would only take a few hours, or even less. In the end, you won’t have to worry about the security of your previous data.