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Are Computers Bad For Us? Here’s The Breakdown.

The computer is so safe as well as any other household appliance. But, as well as in a case with other household appliances there are potential threats for the health connected with its application. (By the way, many of these threats are connected not only with computers but also with video games). Considering influence of computers on health we will note some risk factors.

Here concern:
• the problems connected with electromagnetic radiation;
• sight problems;
• the problems connected with muscles and joints.
In each of these cases risk degree is directly proportional to time spent at the computer and near to it.

It is desirable that the video monitor has high resolution and frequency of development of shots that will reduce screen flashing. High degree of concentration of attention and necessity of fast reaction at work on the computer can even, speeding up cerebral cortex work, to interfere with occurrence of attacks. It is necessary to consider that the computer can become the important factor of social formation of the ill child thanks to possibility of work with training programs, receptions of his interesting information and to dialogue with contemporaries using telecommunication means (communication on the modem with Internet, etc.).

Electromagnetic radiation
Each device which makes or consumes the electric power creates electromagnetic radiation. This radiation concentrates round the device in the form of an electromagnetic field. Some devices, like a toaster or the refrigerator, create very low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Other devices (high-voltage lines, microwave, TVs, monitors of computers) create much higher levels of radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation can’t be seen, heard, smelled, tasted or touched, but nevertheless it is present everywhere. Though the adverse effect of usual levels of electromagnetic radiation on health of children and adults isn’t proved by anybody yet, many are excited with this problem. Similar fears are connected with wrong understanding of the term radiation. At many of us this term associates with X-rays (or so-called ionizing radiation), i.e. the high-frequency form of radiation which as it is proved increases chance of disease by a cancer of people and animals.
Actually, everyone, who is familiar with a principle of action of the monitor of the computer (named also the video terminal or the display) will agree to that there is no sense to speak about x-ray radiation. The insignificant quantity of the ionizing radiation created by a cathode-ray tube in the monitor is effectively shielded by tube glass.

As to influence on a human body of electromagnetic radiation of lower frequencies – radiations of very low frequency and the ultralow frequency, created by computers and other electrical household appliances here scientists and defenders of the rights of consumers yet don’t send to a common opinion. Researches in this area, checked up last years, only have strengthened anxiety and have put the new questions remaining without the answer.